Upgrade Your Kid's Wardrobe with These Cool and Funky T-Shirts

Every year, as seasons change, so do trends in the fashion industry. As new trends and styles come into the market rapidly, and you get excited to shop for yourself and your children. Even though you have the latest fashion pieces in your kid’s wardrobe that makes them a fashionista, they need simple and comfortable clothes that they can use for daily wear. If you are bored with the typical blues and blacks for your children, you can check out these excellent pieces from the top brands that can be a perfect fit for the latest edition in your child’s closet. 

Hurley White Jersey Logo T-Shirt

It is a soft 100% cotton shirt for boys aged 8 to 15. It comes with a round neck, half-sleeves, and a Hurley fin-ripped logo on the front of the shirt with a gloss finish. You can pair it with blue denim pants or joggers jeans for boys and finish this look for your champs with a pair of comfortable shoes. Its design is unique and will always be trendy and fashionable.

Jordan Air Height Advantage Graphic T-Shirt

This T-shirt has three words descriptions; stylish, bright, and comfortable. It is a 60% cotton and 40% polyester shirt with a crew neck and half sleeves. These shirts are made exclusively for the age of 5 to 12 years. They are soft to wear that won't hurt your child’s skin, and it has a sports element to the look that makes them an apt choice for the outdoors. They can pair it with monochrome pants and sneakers to feel active and vibrant. 

Converse Chuck Patch Logo T-Shirt

It is a simple t-shirt with the brand's signature logo, but the speciality of this shirt is the unique pastel yellow shade. It is not a standard colour amongst the chaps today, but wearing it will make them look smart and stylish. It is a round-neck and half-sleeve shirt, and the fabric is 60% cotton and 40% polyester. You can search for such excellent boys t shirt online or in a store for your little ones, and make sure to shop with them and let them choose their fit.

Jordan Essentials Snake Tee

If you think we have nothing for the lovely angels in this list, you are wrong. This unique and stylish snake print is something that your child would love to add to her closet. It is a 100% cotton half-sleeve shirt with the signature Jordon logo that can pair with their light blue denim jeans and sneakers. These prints are rare to find, so grab your child one of these. 

Nike My Game Is Gold T-Shirt

It is a long sleeve white shirt made of 65% recycled polyester and 35% viscose, making it a super breezy material for your girls, especially during winter. It is a simple shirt with a mini motivational quota that keeps your girls reminding them how amazing they are and that they have to keep going in life. You can best use it outdoors or if you want something casual for them to wear at home.

These are some of the shirts you can use to upgrade your wardrobe in daily wear. These are the top brands in the world, but you won’t find them easily. You don’t need to worry when you have Rookie India harbouring all these brands. They have the latest and the most fashionable items from the best clothing brands that are readily available on their website.