Step by Step Guide For Your Kids To Dress Up Themselves

As adults, we can wrap ourselves, but teaching small children to dress themselves is a task. Once your child starts dressing themselves, there are a lot of benefits not only for you but also for your child. While teaching your child how to dress can be tricky and rewarding at the same time, there are many other things that a child develops while learning to dress. They develop skills like fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and a lot more. They cultivate a sense of time and place to think about what and how to dress. 

There are different ways how to teach children to dress themselves, and this list has got you some tips here to make your life easy with your little ones.

Elastic Pants

When you initially shop for your children, pick pants with elastic waist. Let your child learn to put and pull off his pants, don't add buttons or zips at the initial stage. Later, when they get comfortable with elastic pants, try jeans with buttons and zips.

Sit Down While Dressing

It is an easy and comfortable way to make your child wear their clothes on their own, especially with footwear and bottoms. This method is essential for your child in the beginning stage as they don't have to worry about balancing. There are many pants and other bottom styles for your kids, from newborns to clothes for 12 years boys, on websites like Rookie India, where they can choose what they want to wear. 

Encourage to Button and Shoe Lace

It is always a task to make your child wear buttons and shoelaces. Start with buttons as it is much easier than shoelaces, which can also be a fun activity for them. You might have some problems at first with the mismatched placements of buttons, but as time goes on, they will learn. Shoelaces would take a bit more time, but make sure they grasp these habits well. It will increase their fine motor skills from an early age and will also help them in the future.

Easy Wear T-Shirts

T-shirts are the most uncomplicated clothes to wear and pull off your body. Begin with t-shirts for your child. It is easy and fun. Wearing and removing the t-shirt will help them understand how to wear it and judge whether they have worn it correctly. There are many boys t-shirts available in the market that you can start trying.

Difference Between Front and Back

The crucial point while your child dresses for themselves is understanding the difference between the front and back. If they don't realize it at that time only, it might be a problem in the later years. To make them understand, show them the tag on the back of a t-shirt and tell them to keep this as a target to understand the difference.

While these tips will help your children with their dressing habits, they will also develop a sense of fashion and make their own decisions. When they do so, check out the Rookie India website, which has everything your child needs in his closet.