Outfits That Will Make Your Munchkins Look Cool & Smart

No matter how much time changes, two things remain the same – Parenthood and your child’s desire to get into their parent’s boots. Kids become fussy about their choices and highly conscious of what they want as they grow. So, they might not always agree or accept what you select, especially their clothes. Instead, they might prefer to pick and shop for them themselves. Comfort is another factor your kid is fond of when it comes to outfits. For that, be sure about the fabric quality of their clothes. Therefore, it is crucial to consider all these elements while buying for them.

Besides, your little one’s choices and conveniences, the change in seasons brings you a daunting task – refreshing and arranging your kid’s wardrobe. Monsoon is almost at its goodbye mode, and you might be thrilled to get your champ ready to hit the winters. However, it is wiser always to try and purchase things for them, which can be used throughout the year or at least for 2-3 seasons at one go before your sweetheart outgrows them. It saves your shopping time and money as well. This article intends to help you make your next kid’s shopping parade worthwhile with the list of these all-season outfits.


Frills, strips, ruffle, pleated and high-rise, midi, long – there is a wide array of styles and patterns of skirts for your princess around. It is an outfit that can be fashioned as per the mood and occasion. Unlike earlier, with vivid colors and designs available on the market, skirts have become all-time wear that your girl would just love to slip in.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Shirts are something all boys are crazy about, irrespective of age. Logos, graphics, and printed t-shirts are their forever favorites since they arrived. Rookie USA has lots of them in its diverse and branded collections. Try Hurley Green Jersey Logo T-Shirt or Jordan Black Retro Jumble Print Tee once! It is hard for your boy to spurn them. Rookie USA has a pretty and funky stock of t-shirts and skirt sets for girls as well.


Sports and sportswear play a vital role in shaping your kid’s health and persona. It is crucial to choose their sportswear carefully. Rookie USA is a house to several contemporary, cozy, and snazzy varieties of boys’ and girls sportswear and activewear from iconic sports brands like Nike, Jordan, and Converse.


The most breathable and easy-breezy bottoms for your naughty little ones who want to play almost all day are shorts. Denims are a classic that is never out of fashion, but now there are other fabrics also that look equally stunning on your cutie pie. Visit the Rookie India website to shortlist one from the best lot under one roof that suits your little one the best.

Besides all these choices, if you are for some exciting outfit options for 2 years old baby girl clothes, the Rookie India site is your destination where your seek ends.