How To Layer Clothes For Your Cutie Pies This Winter

Winter is the best season for children as the festivities are in full swing, and the chilly season brings in the holidays to make their mood full of fun and relaxation. There are various activities to keep up their time, like playing indoors and outdoors, preparing the house for the festive season, and having a cup of warm hot chocolate with marshmallows. It is a lot of excitement for them, but not for you since you constantly worry about not getting them sick. Hence, it is better to layer them well with excellent warm clothes before they fall ill. Here are some cozy-snuggly wears that will help you throughout this jingle time.

5 Kids Winter Wear Options

1. Thermals

Thermals are the innermost layer of winter wear worn by all age groups. Made of cotton polyester, they act as a protective shield for your kid's soft skin and help them stay warmer. Thermals are for all, but if you live in minus temperatures, it is a must-wear for your child. Your little ones can wear it under winter clothes for girls and boys as it is thin but quite effective during winter.

2. Jackets

Where thermals are the innermost layer, jackets are the outermost layer to wear for your children. There are numerous types of jackets available for them, but buy the one which suits them and suits their style. You should also make sure that it keeps them warm during the winter. If you are looking for exclusive and good quality jackets and newborn baby winter clothes collections, check out the Rookie India website and stores that possess the latest collection from iconic brands exclusively for your little ones.

3. Socks

Socks are tiny but are your baby’s best friend outdoors and indoors. They are super comfortable to wear in-house and keep your feet warmer. Numerous patterns and colors are available on the market for every occasion and mood that you can use creatively for your little bundle of joy. They can pair with your baby girl's winter clothes to make their festive season vibrant.

4. Sweaters

Whenever you think of winter, the first outfit you visualize is a sweater. Weaved out of sheep wool, they are the most frequently used winter wear in all households and are never out of fashion. The only key difference is, at first, our grandmothers used to make it, and now, you can buy it from stores. You can always get a sweater for the child, which they can use anywhere.

5. Gloves

The way socks work for feet and gloves work for your hands. You will get it in different styles and fabrics like wool and leather. When your child wears a pair of gloves, their hands stay warm. Gloves are mostly preferred outdoors, so buy them a color or style that seamlessly fits every outfit.

Winter is a season of festivals, but it also comes with chills that might affect your health, especially your little ones, as they are fragile and sensitive. They must don warm clothes in winter, yet those should be stylish and of excellent quality. Whenever you plan to winter clothes online shopping for your kids, you don’t have to worry about anything as Rookie India has the best of fashion from the top brands for your little cuties. You will also get amazing discounts on your kiddo's shopping, so don’t wait and start their winter shopping.