How to Dress Your Kids for a Formal Event?

Be it formal occasions like weddings and school annual functions or casual parties, you always want your kid to look the best. Although your kid is and will always be a prince or princess to you, formal events are a great opportunity for your little one to look like one to the world. However, when it’s already a daunting task to get them dressed on a normal day, thinking about dressing them for a special affair might worry you a lot. Kids are fussy about their outfits; they surely like to appear stylish and unique as their parents but want to stay comfortable in what they wear. So, what’s difficult here is to find something that’s fancy yet can keep your naughty one calm and happy throughout the day, knowing that “cozy” and “formal” doesn’t go hand in hand.

How many times has it happened that while getting ready for a dinner party, you are clueless for hours about what to wear or not able to find anything appropriate to dress up with a loaded wardrobe? Sounds familiar, right? The same happens while outfitting your munchkins too. Even if there are no dress codes, your desire for your champ to beat the fashion trend in this highly anticipated event puts you in this great dilemma.

Here’s a list that will help you keep all these stress at bay and enjoy your get-together freely. And the most exciting part is you don’t even need to break your bank to adhere to it. The wide range of options at Rookie USA might help you stay within your budget. Read on to make your sweetheart the star of your event with a few quick and easy steps.

A Perfect Plan in Place

Getting ready for an occasion or a party with your child is a joyous experience only if they have the patience to sit still. So, it is highly recommended to plan out the whole thing well in advance. This plan should entail the way you want your little one to look and the pieces of clothes you need for that. It can be an honor outfit approach where you can pick and style them up as a fairy, royal lad, or soldier. Traditional wear might also become a shows-topper. You can be as creative as you want with your kid’s attire. The sky is the limit!

Focus on the Fitting

CSS – Comfort, Style, and Size are the three prime factors you need to remember while buying your kid’s formal wear, besides the budget. So, once the plan is final about how to dress your munchkin, next is choosing the right piece. While deciding on an outfit for your child, your hands automatically reach out for loose-fitting or baggy clothes as you know they tend to grow within a blink. It saves you from spending a bomb on new clothes for your boys and girls every month.

Highlight the Outfit Subtly

Accessorize the outfit to glam it up. Surprisingly, mix-matching accessories can glorify and elevate your kid’s look at the party. But, choose child-friendly accessories that are harmless yet complements your kid’s personality well.

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Enjoy the party with your smarty pant!