How to Build a Capsule Closet for Your Munchkin?

The term capsule closet means a closet with minimal clothes which are thoughtfully curated and can be mix-matched and worn on all occasions. When building a capsule closet, you don't need a fleet of clothes but just have to use classic wear and contrast them to wear daily. As elders, it becomes very convenient for us to have a capsule closet as we have significantly less time in a day to think about what to wear. You can inculcate this habit in your kids by showing them how to do it. Here is the step-by-step method to build a capsule closet for your little ones.

Audit Your Child's Wardrobe

When I talk about the audit, you are supposed to check every piece in your child's closet to ensure what he wears for his daily wear and what he is not using. Get your child involved in this, as he will understand the process more clearly. You take the next step while you go through every piece in your closet. Get some cool shirts for boys from websites like Rookie India, which have the latest fashion from the top brands.

Separate All the Classic Wear

The audit is over, and it is time to separate all the kids clothes. Your prime focus must be the daily wear and the classic pieces like denim jackets or shirts for boys that your child uses daily, and separate the best brands for kids wear from here. You should make sure to keep the clothes that you are not using for your child. It will help you clear up the space.

Plan it Properly

When you plan your kid's capsule closet, you should remember how to make super convenient clothing sets so that your child does not need to think much. For example, make your boys clothing sets and hang them in front for easy use. Also, make sets for girls and hang them for their convenience.

Arrange the Wardrobe

After the planning process, the final step is to arrange the wardrobe. As a parent, you should involve your child in this process because this will help them organize their closet in the future, and in this way, they will also realize how to clear up their old clothes. When you clear up the closet, you will have old clothes left, which you can donate to some needy.

Multi-functional and multi-purpose kids wear brands are coming up on the market these days, and it is crucial to make your kid realize that minimum is the classy way. For these future fashionistas, Rookie USA stocks a vivid collection of the latest fashion from Nike, Jordan, Levi’s, Hurley, and Converse that will enhance their wardrobe and daily style.