Best Summer Fabrics for Kids to Beat the Heat

Scorching heat, sweating, itchiness, sun strokes, quite synonymous with summers, right? We have reached an era where polluted air levels are always on high, global warming is at its peak, and climates are abruptly changing all over the world. The cherry on the top is the soaring temperatures that might shoot up even higher this summer, especially in the already hotspots. That makes your choice of summer clothes more essential, especially for your little munchkins.

Fabrics to Soothe your Tiny Tots this Summer

We, adults, have become adaptable to summers and the rising temperatures but what about the little cranky ones? They need comfort, air and care. Trends don’t bother them much when it is 45⁰ outside. So, if you want to have a stress-free summer with your kiddos, then below-mentioned are some fabrics that can be considered:

Easy Breezy Cotton 

The first choice in all kids clothes is 100% cotton fabric always as it is absorbent, breathable, lightweight, and relaxing. Lawn cotton and Muslin are the best types due to their ultra-softness and see-through feature. Lawn cotton is usually used in making baptizing gowns for babies and Muslin is plied in cloth diaper covers, swaddle cloths, and burp cloths. Cotton blends are also popular in the market for jeans, tops, dresses, etc. However, anyone can be easily tricked into buying something else that is smooth but not cotton if they don’t have proper knowledge about this fabric. This can be unsuitable for kids’ clothes as it may turn bumpy after a wash and irritate your baby. So, choose your boys jeans or your princess’ dresses carefully, this time!

Boggy Linen

Being an ancient Egyptian age fabric, linen’s power lies in its sturdiness. It is a champ when it comes to styling your cuties. It is organic, eco-friendly, and made of flax fibers. It is quite stronger yet exceptionally lightweight and highly resistant than cotton while giving a tough fight to the burning heat. A pair of tee and free linen boys jeans can keep your chap happy all day. Also, you can stay stress-free even if your naughty lad comes back home with dirty stains all over him as it is easy to clean.

Natural Bamboo

Are your noisy ones crazy about the softness of a jersey but can’t handle its stink? Better shift them to bamboo clothes then. Bamboo fabric is natural, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, softer than the jersey weaves, and yet amongst the strongest fabrics available. A perfect choice for the sensitive skin of a newborn! This fabric dries up quickly and stays fresh and crisp throughout its time with your kid. Hence, even if they drop the whole bottle of water or their favorite juice on their bamboo pants while playing, you don’t have to fret about them catching a cold. It’s a thermo-regulating fabric that keeps your cutie cool on hot days and remarkably warm in winters.

Summer is the brightest, most playful, and joyous time of the year, but like any other season, it has its own shortcomings too. Try this list of fabrics and let your tiny tots have fun. 

Happy Summers, Kiddos!