Activewear Vs. Sportswear: Understanding the Difference

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone needs to be fit and active to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even the kids! Play stations and computer games occupy most of their playtime nowadays, affecting their mental and physical growth. Sports and exercises are the only saviors that can keep them active and disciplined. Activewear and sportswear play a great role in your kids’ physical activities. Though both sound similar and activewear can almost be sportswear, sportswear is a bit different attire, technically. While kids’ activewear can also be used as casual kids clothes, sportswear is made with the only purpose of playing basketball tournaments, cricket matches, etc.

Let’s know more about the two: 

Sportswear, a Uniform for Sports!

The design of sportswear is targeted at the comfort and safety of the sportsperson or sports enthusiast, and according to the nitty-gritty of the respective sports. Some sportswear is specifically made to improve a sportsman’s or athlete’s performance, give a kick to his/her game and avert injuries. Sportswear is not just the cloth but the entire set – jersey, gears, accessories, and equipment. Just like school uniforms, every sport has its own sportswear. Cricket sportswear won’t work in a FIFA Football match. It even varies in terms of color and fabric used within teams playing the same sport. These days, sportswear is also transforming and blending in with the current fashion styles and trends. Moreover, it’s no more restricted to be used by players only. Rather, sports fanatics who, even if not engaged in a particular sport, can wear their sportswear to show their support or tribute towards a specific player or the sport.

Active Wear, a Style Statement!

Activewear is the result of the demands of an era where people faced a time crunch in changing clothes, including kids. Unlike sportswear, activewear focuses more on the personality and character of the wearer. It is a casual, functional, and cozy yet pro-fitness outfit for people who mostly stay outdoors either for their work or love to lead a frisky lifestyle with swag. It is even sustainable in social gatherings. The vital aspects of active wear are its comfort levels, built, and functions that make it unceasing and flexible for all conditions and occasions. 

When it comes to exploring millions of stylish yet sporty sportswear and activewear that your kids will love, websites just as Rookie India do great justice. Here are our top picks:

Jordan Dri-Fit Diamond Shorts

This dri-fit shorts let your basketball champ flaunt his game skills all-day at the pitch without worrying about sweat and irritation. Its 100% breathable cotton fabric keeps him fresh, and active throughout his game. The black stripes on the sides are a tribute to the Chicago Bulls pinstriped uniforms which will woo your champ.

Nike Sportswear French Terry Shorts

To match the spirit of their favorite sports sneakers, Nike Sportswear French Terry Shorts is a feathery touch pair of shorts that keeps your boy going all day long. It has two handy pockets for your kid to stash their little belongings for the party.

Converse Colorblock Tracksuit

This is an ideal combo of a full-zip jacket and trousers that feel so comfy and fun during the game that your little champ might not like to put it off again. An essential sporty set for your little athlete! It is an old-school design that you can mix and match with any choice of tees. Its color block design makes it fancy for an after-game party as well.