70'S Inspired Kids Spring Outfits At Rookie USA

If you are seeing the 70’s fashion, you likely had a rockin' sense of fashion. Bell bottoms and leisure suits were popular among adults, and retailers altered these styles to accommodate their youngest customers.

It was necessary to look good at the moment. However, some of the most popular looks now seem absurd. We looked through the decade's most iconic clothing and discovered some unexpected patterns in children's clothing ranging from jeans for kid boy with fringe to sports t shirt for girls with a crocheted sweater vest.

1. Sesame Street Apparel

In 1969, the enduring children's television programme premiered, ushering in a decade filled with innumerable clothing products. Pyjamas? Check. Umbrellas? You nailed it. Ernie & Bert-themed vests made of crochet? No doubt. Sesame Street is one fashion trend that children still like today, even though clothing trends have changed.

You can check out the joggers along with a Hurley Green Logo Tshirt from Rookie USA to give it a more modern look

2. Flame Resistant Sleepwear

Although the name seemed unsafe for kids' clothing throughout the 1970s, advertisements for flame-resistant sleepwear could be found in every catalogue. Pyjamas were designed to provide protection, whether in a large quilted robe or a Sesame Street onesie. Flame-resistant clothing's chemical composition has recently come under scrutiny. But in the 1970s, parents could sleep well knowing their child wouldn't catch fire while fast asleep. Well, we know this may not be true, but Rookie USA has some fire pyjamas that your kid could rock in a ’70s theme in these Jordan Camo print jumpman joggers. They are versatile and can be styled in multiple ways.

3. Plaid On Plaid

The popular pattern in the ’70s was plaid. You could mix and combine plaids to become a geometric fashionista, whether on vests, button-up shirts, or bell bottoms. Kids in the 1970s couldn't go wrong while wearing the leisure suits that were so fashionable with adults at the time. Pair this Levi’s printed button-up shirt from Rookie USA in checkered print for a modern twist to the 70’s fashion.

4. Denims

Denim also became popular with children as a contrast to the garish plaid designs. But denim jeans are not the topic at hand. Denim on denim is what we're talking about. Pair this Levi’s Barstow Western shirt with blue denims for that classic 70’s style. The denim mania that had taken over perfectly in the 70’s.

5. Bell Bottom

Everyone was seen rocking one of the most iconic 1970s fashion trends. Wearing wide-legged pants, children worldwide imitated the fashion of their parents and favourite celebrities. These bellbottoms were a hit back in the day and that wide-legged pattern has resurfaced recently with high-waist pants and wide-leg jeans.

6. Matching Sets

Perhaps it was for your family's holiday gathering or for portraits. In the 1970s, if you had a younger sister, there was a good possibility you, at some point, dressed alike. Even though matching outfits were the torment of every teen's existence, younger children loved them. For modern dressing, you can have co-ord sets for your family and mix and match among each other to build new outfits from a couple of pieces.

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