7 Things Parents Must Pack For Their Kids On A Beach Holiday

Everyone loves to go to the beach. Many families travel to tropical islands to enjoy the clear waters and beautiful golden sand beaches and have the best time of the year. If only adults plan vacations, it gets easier, but it becomes a bit tiring if kids are involved as parents look after them throughout the holidays. They must constantly look after their kids with food, clothes, and other necessities. It can get complicated for the parents, and it might spoil their vacation mood.

1. Beach-Wear

Beach-wear can be anything light and summery. Hurley at Rookie has an amazing collection of lightweight cotton t-shirts. These T-shirts can be paired really well with boy shorts or a skirt in the daytime and jeans pants for girls or smart joggers for boys during the night if it gets even a little chilly. When it comes to athleisure wear made with the best quality materials, Rookie will never fail you. The choicest of comfortable clothes from the best international brands, Rookie cares about the comfort of your kids as much as you do. You can go ahead add a few light summer dresses from converse or some plaid cotton shirts from Levi’s. 

2. Beach Bag

It is crucial to have a beach bag, especially when parents have children with them. Beach bags are enormous and can stuff in various things like food, towels, sand buckets and other essential items for the beach. There are fantastic designs and vibrant colours that would suit every beach outfit they wear.

3. Swimsuit

Kids love fun and patterned swimsuits. And if you buy matching floaties and pool doughnuts, they will love to engage in water sports and activities. This trick works even for the shyest of children.

4. Flipflops

Sand is not a smooth surface to walk on, and parents can have flip-flops for their kids to tackle this situation. Flipflops for beaches are essential, not just for parents but also for children. They are easy to wear, comfortable, and available in different colours for different outfits. 

5. Sunscreen

Everyone likes to spend a lot of time on beaches, especially during the day. Recently, the harmful UV rays from the sun can affect the delicate skin of little ones. Kids will enjoy the beach wearing swimsuits, exposing them to harsh sunlight, which might cause sunburn and redness. Applying sunscreen will protect the children from such harmful UV rays. Parents must ensure the SPF quantity when buying sunscreen because the higher the SPF, the better. 

6. Sunglasses

Everyone likes to carry accessories to style their entire outfit, so why not take a pair of sunglasses for the kids to enjoy the sunny beach easily? Different types, brands, colours and styles available in the market can get the perfect pair for the little ones to enjoy the holidays in style. 

7. Towels

When kids play in the water, they need to get cleaned up as the salt water will stick to their skin or even the sand. A good towel that absorbs moisture and drys up faster will be ideal for the beach. Parents should check for a good-quality towel for a sunny day out.

These are essential Things to pack into the suitcase if the adults have kids with them on the beach holiday. While they can get other items on the list in the market, Rookie India has suitable outfits for every occasion from the top brands at the best-discounted prices. Check their website and grab the best quality clothes for the beach holidays.