6 Extracurricular Activities That'll Make Your Kids Active and Sharp

Do you know what your child's doing out there? Are they getting the physical activity they need to stay healthy, strong, and smart?

It is essential to engage your kids in extracurricular activities that will make them active and sharp. Have you tried developing a playground near the house that allows your child to exercise in the fresh air or enrolling them in a sport like soccer? Perhaps it is essential to introduce your child to an art form that keeps their mind sharp and stimulated.

Whatever option you choose for your child can give them countless benefits. It helps make their body strong as well as their mind. Here are some extracurricular activities to help increase not only physical activity but also mental stimulation.

1. Music

Music is one of the oldest forms of entertainment that can be found. It can be a lot of fun for kids to learn the basics and even more fun for them to progress with their musical talent. There are several ways in which music can help your kid's physical health and mental development. Whether they're learning how to play a musical instrument like drums or guitar, or singing around a microphone, music helps stimulate their brain activity and keep them active.

2. Sports

Sports are another great way to get your children physically fit and mentally sharp. Not only does participating in a sport teach your child about team working, but it also makes for a fun way to stay active and engage in physical activity. Sports like soccer, for example, that require quick thinking and even quicker reflexes are great for keeping kids mentally stimulated. Your kids will have plenty of opportunities to exercise their problem-solving skills along with their bodies. You can make your children's sports activities even more interesting by introducing amazing kids' sportswear. Today, you can find girl's and boys joggers in different colors and styles.

3. Painting and Sketching

The art world is a great one for kids to explore, whether they're toddlers or young teens. Painting and sketching are both awesome ways to help kids get their creativity flowing and think outside of the box. Art classes can be a lot of fun for kids. Painting and sketching will also help your kids develop their visual skills and improve their hand-eye coordination.

4. Theater

Theater is another wonderful way to engage your child in an activity that will teach them social skills and help in keeping them active and fit physically as well as mentally. Whether they're helping backstage and on the stage with a play or simply learning about dramatic performances and live shows, theater is always a great way for children to learn about entertainment.

5. Craft and Pottery

Crafting and pottery are fun for kids to learn about and have as their hobbies. They're also great ways for children to get plenty of exercise for both their bodies and their minds. Craft and pottery make your kids create beautiful things like ceramic vases or colorful 3D paintings using their hands and imagination. That will help improve their fine motor skills, teach them how to think outside of the box, and keep their body working overtime.

6. Dance

Dance is one of the most fun ways for kids to stay active and engage their minds. There are a lot of different dance forms to try out, including modern, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. Not only will they help them stay physically fit but they'll also help keep their minds sharp and stimulated as they learn about rhythm and how to dance gracefully.


There are so many different activities out there that will keep your children fit, whether it's something like sports or even singing in a choir. You can look through all different kinds of extracurricular activities to find the one that's just right for you and your child. You can make your kid's extracurricular activities even more fun and interesting by buying kids sportswear from Rookie USA.