5 Ways To Layer Up This Winter

While it is peak Winter, covering and protecting your child from freezing winds is vital. Children tend to have weaker immunity than adults, and during winter, it turns worse. Using the right apparel for a suitable climate is essential, not only for adults but also for children. Kids should have comfortable clothes that keep them warm in harsh temperatures and not obstruct their daily routines. There are many ways to help the kids layer this winter season with clothes from the top brands that the parents can find on Rookie India. They have everything that the kids require for every weather and occasion. Here are some ways that kids can layer up this winter. 

1. Three-Layer Rule

It is the golden rule for every individual during winter. It consists of the base layer, second layer and third layer. The base layer is where the child wears their inners and thermals. The base layer acts like insulation which keeps them warm and comfortable. The middle layer is where fashion comes in, where parents can style their children according to the occasion. The third layer is the outermost layer which keeps kids more comfortable. Many options, like denim jeans for girls and jumpers for boys, are available at Rookie India, which are excellent choices for the third layer.

2. Layer According To The Temperature

It is only sometimes necessary to layer the kids with thermals, jackets, and other winter essentials. It is vital to understand the temperature around and act accordingly. While some places worldwide have highly harsh temperatures, kids need to wear multiple layers to help them stay warm. While tropical countries do not have snowfalls, they can skip the third layer and remain comfortable in two layers. Sometimes full sleeve t-shirts for boys with thermals inside are the best solution for mild temperatures. 

3. Use Winter-Friendly Fabrics

fabrics play a significant role in every season. While cotton is best for the summer as it can absorb moisture, some materials are excellent for the winter. Parents should search for materials like wool, polyester, leather or any heavy fabric that can stand the chilly air. These fabrics are an excellent choice to keep the child warm and are helpful throughout the season. Make sure to buy colours the kids can wear for almost every occasion. 

4. Cover Hands And Legs

To help the children stay warm. Mostly they can use gloves and boots as the best option as these accessories are helpful in minus temperatures. Still, boots can always go out of fashion and are useful in some temperatures. While buying gloves, make sure to purchase winter-friendly materials like wool, leather, and artificial fur.

5. Never Forget Head And Ears

It is crucial to cover children's ears as the cold winds can hit their delicate eardrums, making it extremely painful for them. Use woollen caps that will cover their ears and help them stay comfortable. It will also cover their heads and retain their hair’s moisture which will blow away with harsh winds. 

The basic need of layering up the little ones is to help them stay warm and protected from harsh winter weather. It is essential for them as the chilled weather also brings diseases like flu and fever. While parents search for different places to shop, Rookie India has everything they require for the little munchkins, the best of fashion, top brands and discounts. Check their website, which houses leading brands like Hurley, Nike, Jordan, Levi's, Converse, and The White Cub in their stock to make their wardrobe fashionable.