4 Ways To Glam Up Your Princess's Uniform

School uniforms are the most challenging attires to style up. They have their charm, but they are dull. The main concern with uniforms is that we can't change any styles or add new patterns to them as it is a protocol to maintain in school. You can definitely add some fashionable pieces that will make the school uniform look cool and stylish at the same time. There are some ways to accentuate your girl's uniform with some style tips.

Different Hair Styles and Accessories

Uniforms are standardized clothes in school, but you can style yourself with a few cool and unique hairstyles and accessories. You can check and learn different hairstyles for your little angels and add beautiful and cute hair accessories like rubber bands, hair clips, and hair pins to their dull uniforms. When you add a new hairstyle, it lifts their face and also gives a new look to their regular school wear. You can also check many girls clothes for your little ones on online websites like Rookie India.

Denim Jeans

These are the most reliable and comfortable clothes that your little angels can have in their closets. You can pair these jeans with their uniform shirt, and adding a tie to this set will make them look stylish and comfortable. There are trending jeans for girls that would suit your kiddo’s style and choice. 

Adding Sweaters

When your kid wears a uniform during winter, you will want to protect them from the harsh weather. Wearing a sweater with different prints and patterns is the most common choice for the day, and you can also add other winter accessories like gloves, hats, and ear muffs. Check the kids' collection at Rookie USA, where they have top brands and the latest trends for 4 year girl clothes to teenage boys' and girls' clothes.

Styling with Socks

Socks are one of the most crucial parts of our school life. You have to wear it with your school shoes as a mandatory part of the uniform. You can get socks with different lengths, patterns, and materials to elevate your little girl’s style statement. Most schools don’t allow different colors or patterns, but you can experiment with the length of the socks. You can also pair your socks with new trend jeans for girls and good looking top.

Wearing a school uniform every day can be dull, but when you add the extra touch of your style with these above tips, you can make it look effortlessly cute. For other fashion, apart from uniforms, you can always check the latest jeans trend on the Rookie India website, which has the best brands like Nike, Jordan, Levi’s, Hurley, and Converse. Shopping with your little angels can be very interesting. 

Happy Shopping!!!