Rookie India - Gift Card
Where to use my gift card?

You can use your Gift Cards at rookieindia stores or

How to check Balance of my Gift Card ?

You can check the balance of your Gift Card on our website and stores.

What is the validity of my Gift Card ?

The validity of the Gift Card is of one year, from the date of it’s activation.

Can I club two or more Gift Cards/EGV in a single transaction ?

Yes, you can club two or more Gift Cards/ EGVs in a single transaction.

Can I use my Gift Card/ EGV on ?

Yes, you can use your Gift Card on our website.

Can I purchase Gift Card and EGVs in bulk ?

Yes, you can purchase the Gift Card in bulk by reaching out to our corporate team at

Where can I purchase Gift Card and EGVs ?

Gift Card can be purchased at our stores and website whereas EGVs can be purchased on our website.

What should I do if my Gift Card is lost ?

You should reach out to our customer care number or visit our store.

Why can’t I find my EGV?

It may be tucked away in your email spam folder. Be sure to thoroughly check all folders in your email account. If you’re still having trouble? Call +91 8010819999 or email Please note that we are unable to re-issue gift cards or E-Gift Vouchers that have been lost or stolen.