The Ultimate Guide to Children's Activewear: What to Look for and How to Choose

As a parent, you always strive to provide your children with the best. Choosing those perfect shorts for your girl online or those graphic boys joggers for your child can be time-consuming. You will need extra patience and attention as a parent when selecting clothes for your child. Comfort is the foremost aspect your kids want, but who said they couldn’t look stylish while being comfortable? Enter Athleisure wear!

The new wave of fashion to style active wear for everyday outfits is a new trend that your kids may also be on board with since activewear is the ultimate definition of perfection.

How to Choose the Ultimate Active Wear for Your Kids

1. Be Basic

Being aware of the various sportswear options available for your child is a good idea. For example, there are sports shorts for girls and sports shorts for boys, as well as tees and tank tops, pants, leggings, hoodies, and so on. Aside from that, you should consider footwear, including proper socks and shoes. Many people overlook the importance of wearing the proper innerwear. Because being active can result in excessive sweating, ensuring breathability and softness is critical.

2. Comfort Above All

Comfort trumps everything! You know it, we know it, and your kids know it very well. Look for something that will be comfortable for your kids to wear. Jordan Air Diamond Dri-Fit Shorts from Rookie USA are the epitome of comfort. It is dri-fit, making it sweat proof and the Jordan logo with white strips on the bottom makes it stylish. Your kids can style and wear these shorts for a basketball game.

3. Fabric Is Important

You don’t want your kids developing a rash or infection because the fabric of their clothes doesn’t suit their sensitive skin. Select clothes made from soft fabric like rib knit material or cotton that are light, breathable and gentle on your kids’ skin. The Converse Chuck patch shorts from Rookie India is made with 100% cotton and is the ideal active wear for your baby girl.

4. Do Not Size Up

Buying one size up for your kids is expected since they tend to grow out of them pretty quickly. But that does not go for active wear; clothes must be true to your kids’ size. Since your kids wear activewear for outdoor activities, loose clothes may accompany their sports. So buying clothes that are a perfect fit for your kids is important!

Let your kids experience active wear comfort with Rookie USA’s collection!